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Your recycling head-scratchers answered

| 26 May 2023 | 04:04

In the interest of becoming ever-better recyclers, we’ve launched a new mini-column. If you’re not sure about something, snap a pic of yourself with the questionable item (yes, we want to see you too), and tell us whether you think it’s recyclable. We’ll check in with a recycling expert and run the answer in the papers – so we can keep learning together.

A question from Lisa Thompson of West Milford, N.J.: Do mulch and dirt bags go with plastic bag recycling?

No they don’t, says Ermin Siljkovic, Orange County recycling coordinator. “The plastic film must be clean,” he said. Mulch and dirt bags are too contaminated (with soil!) to be dealt with on an industrial scale with the current technology.

But you can repurpose them, of course. A few options are garbage bags, grow bags or, inverted over a tomato cage, as a frost cover for a tender plant on a cold spring night.

Next up, your question. Send your question and selfie to becca.tucker@strausnews.com, subject line “recycle?” along with your name and town.