'We couldn't stay away'

Monroe. An 89th birthday celebration ‘through the looking glass.’

| 30 Mar 2020 | 02:58

Like many others, the Rosmarin family of Monroe looked for a different way to mark the 89th birthday on Sunday, March 29, of the family’s matriarch, Belle Rosmarin, amid COVID-19 social distancing requirements, which include staying away from the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions.

Rosmarin’s children and grandchildren surprised her with a birthday celebration that she got to enjoy through the window. They sang, held up signs and balloons and read her a specially written poem.

Dear Grandma,

Although we can’t come inside and celebrate today

And although we can’t hug and kiss you on your special day

We are here to show you that we couldn’t stay away

How could we not see you on your Birthday?

Here we are to show you that we found another way

So that we could spend some time with you and say

Happy birthday grandma, we love you more than you could know

We love all the great stories you tell from times ago

We love you to the moon and back just thought we’d let you know

We love you so much we had to tell you from the window

Happy birthday, Grandma

We love you the most.

- Nancy Kriz