Warwick. Extra protection comes in handy

| 08 Jun 2020 | 11:11

Rabbi Pesach Burston, of Chabad of Orange County recently placed a mezuzah on the doorpost of the new home of the Davidovitch family in Warwick.

Wearing masks, the family participated in the ceremony as Rabbi Pesach cited the traditional blessing and explained the tradition.

“A mezuzah provides spiritual and physical protection, and peace to a home,”Rabbi Pesach said. “Especially today, with the coronavirus pandemic, any extra protection is welcome.

“Inside the case is a handwritten scroll with the prayer of the Shema - which reminds us that G-d is always protecting us.”

A mezuzah is positioned on a slant. Torah sages have debated the position of the mezuzah. Some said it should be vertical, others horizontal. The solution was to compromise and put it on a slant.

“This is to symbolize that true peace in the home comes from compromise,” the rabbi explained.

For more information and to arrange a Mezuzah for your home, please contact Chabad at 845-782-2770 or online at www.ChabadOrange.com.