Village of Goshen seeks public comment May 8 on local law

Goshen. Local Law #2 would permit medical buildings, research centers, educational and vocational facilities and — with a special permit — hotels, gas stations and restaurants without drive-thru facilities.

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| 30 Apr 2023 | 02:09

    A public hearing for citizen comment on Village of Goshen Local Law #2 is scheduled for the next Village Board meeting, Monday, May 8, at 7 p.m.

    Local Law #2 concerns the Office Building Hospital (OBH) Zoning district, which starts at the BOCES location (former Arden Hill Hospital) and goes from South Street down to the village boundary, along Harriman Drive.

    Local Law #2 takes into account the closure of Arden Hill Hospital and the construction of Legoland Amusement Park to allow for broader building options of medical uses and appropriate commercial uses.

    In addition to permitting a wide-range of medical buildings, research centers, educational and vocational facilities, the law also would allow — with a special permit from the Planning Board — hotels, gas stations and restaurants without drive-thru facilities.

    Under the conditions of Local Law #2, the definition of “motel” has been deleted from the Zoning Code of the Village of Goshen and the definition of “hotel” is replaced with the following language:

    Hotel: “Any building, or portion thereof, containing 10 or more rooms, without individual kitchen facilities, offering transient lodging accommodations on a fee basis to the general public, which rooms have primary access from communal halls.”

    Additional language of the law is available under Special Conditions of Local Law #2 pertaining to hotel construction.

    Wainco Realty project

    Board members passed a resolution authorizing the mayor to sign a license agreement with Wainco Realty, LLC/Village Place.

    According to Village Attorney David Donovan, Wainco is asking to erect fences at an apartment complex, located on both sides of Lower Main Street. The complex consists of 45 apartments on one side of the road and 13 newer apartments on the other side.

    The project has already received Planning Board approval, subject to Village Board approval. The fence will be on some portion of a Village right-of-way, meandering onto the road.

    The license provides that the Village is able to revoke this license upon notice and Wainco would have to remove the fence.

    Additionally, if the Village damages the fence, like while snow plowing, the Village cannot be held responsible.

    How should community development funds be used?

    A public hearing also is scheduled for Monday, May 8, at 7 p.m. for citizen suggestions for the Orange County Development Building Grant (OCDBG).

    The community development grant utilizes federal, state and local funds to improve the quality of life and living conditions for Orange County residents. Village Board members would like to hear from the public for input on how to use the grant money, if the village is awarded the funding.