Village approves three local laws

Goshen. Engineering firm to draft dam plan.

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| 30 Oct 2023 | 02:30

During the October 23 Goshen Village Board meeting, Lanc & Tully Engineering was given the okay to prepare design plans to address dam inadequacies as noted by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Dam Safety Division.

The National Inventory of Dams, which is maintained by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, lists Goshen Reservoir Dam #1, which is one of two dams within Goshen owned by the village, as being in “poor” condition.

According to the proposal, “Theses upgrades would consist of installation of retaining wall and slope stabilization. In addition to minor modification of the spillway, as well as [an] additional survey required to address NYSDEC requirements, services would include preparation of application forms, environmental assessment forms and assistance to the village in obtaining the permit. It is anticipated that work would also include several meetings with village and state personnel. Plans will be developed with the understanding that village crews will be completing the work.” The estimated fee is $14,000.

Local laws

The board also discussed Local Law #5, Local Law # 6, and Local Law # 7. Local Law # 5 addresses lot line changes. The purpose is to streamline lot line applications where a lot line adjustment will not result in the creation of, or the potential of, a new building lot. Local Law #6 tackles parking. With a village parking permit, residents can park on the street overnight from November 1 through March 31, when owners of motor vehicles don’t have off-street parking options. Local Law #7, also known as the “Village of Goshen Hotel Room Occupancy Tax Law,” would establish a per diem rental rate for the occupancy of rentable living space on an overnight, short-time basis, collected by the village clerk.

Other business

The village appointed Richard Matyus to the Zoning Board of Appeals. Mayor Molly O’Donnell said, “We’re looking forward to having him on the ZBA in this capacity. He has a lot of experience, and he’s recently retired so he’s looking forward to getting involved in our local community. We’re excited to have him join us. We thank him for accepting the appointment.”

The village of Goshen recently announced the launch of a new citizen notification mobile app. The purpose of the app, called Go Goshen, is to notify residents of village news, events, interruptions in service and updates, and relay important links to the village website:

The Go Goshen app gives village staff the opportunity to streamline important community communications and information to residents. To download the free app, go to the Apple or Google Play app stores and search “Go Goshen.”

The Go Goshen app is powered by GoGov, which provides software and apps to local governments of all sizes.