Thumbs up: Chabad Hebrew School students stay positive

Goshen /
| 08 Jan 2020 | 02:17

Goshen. Chabad Hebrew School in Goshen learning positive Jewish messages in an innovative and artistic way. They continued their Jewish hero curriculum with a rabbi known as Nochum Ish Gamz: “Nochum the man of 'Also this is for the good.'" No matter the troubles or bumps in the road that came his way, this special rabbi would always say “Also this is for the Good." The children created a positive message board filled with sayings just like Rabbi Nochum might say. They played a “change the scenario game” in which they guessed the ending of a bad situation, making it good in the end, and even watched a music video demonstrating this idea. Email Rabbi Meir and Rivkie Borenstein to receive more info about this program at