Teens raise green to get green

Chester. The Green Teen Movement holds a pizza fundraiser for its artistic garbage can project along the Heritage Trail.

| 07 Jan 2020 | 01:15

Chester's Green Teen Movement recently held an appreciation dinner that raised money for a worthy environmental cause.

Founder Jacob Mott said the funds would be used to buy stainless steel garbage cans to be placed along the Heritage Trail, which passes through Chester on its way from Monroe to Goshen. The cans will be painted and decorated by Chester Academy art students.

Supporters ate pizza, salad, and dessert, which came with a choice of beverages. Children played while adults chatted. The Green Teens leaders served food answered questions about their plans.

There's much work to be done to clean up the environment in local communities, Mott told the crowd, and he and his team are making it happen, one step at a time, along the Heritage Trail. The Green Teens will also open satellite stations for garbage collection in Washingtonville and Monroe, he said.