Students paid visit by firefighters, learn about fire safety

Goshen. Brian Gallo and Matteo Cirigliano of the Goshen Fire Department tell fifth-graders how best to respond should fire strike

Goshen /
| 16 Oct 2019 | 05:20

Students at Goshen Intermediate School recently learned about fire safety from local firefighters Brian Gallo and Matteo Cirigliano.

Grade-level assemblies were held Oct. 10 in the auditorium, where the firefighters spoke to students about fire safety and prevention. They discussed the importance of having a family escape plan as well as functional fire and carbon monoxide detectors in your home.

They also stressed that you should never hide during a fire, such as under the bed or in the bathtub – you want to make sure you are visible to the firefighters so they can quickly get you to safety.

The firefighters concluded their presentation with a brief video of fire department footage and taking questions from students.

Gallo and Cirigliano are members of the Goshen Fire Department, which consists of three fire companies: the Cataract Engine & Hose Co., the Dikeman Engine & Hose Co., and the Minisink Hook & Ladder Co. According to the Goshen Fire Department website, the department currently has 180 active volunteers and has responds to an average of 550 calls a year over the past few years. The members of this department average over 5,500 hours in training, drilling, and schooling each year.

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