Stolen from Spanktown: Choir singers, Three Stooges

Warwick. In the final days of the last-ever Spanktown Road holiday display, multiple figurines were stolen from outside 83-year-old Vincent Poloniak’s home.

| 30 Dec 2022 | 06:20

In the final days of the beloved Spanktown Road holiday display, cherished pieces of it were stolen from 83-year-old Vincent Poloniak.

When Poloniak went outside around 4 p.m. today to check decorations and turn on the lights, he discovered some of his oldest and most valuable pieces were missing: a light-up set of The Three Stooges, and two choir singers.

“I feel very upset, hurt, and angry that my dad was violated and taken advantage of,” said Poloniak’s daughter, Paula. “He has done this out of the goodness of his heart for so many years, and for someone to do that to him is very upsetting.”

Just before discovering the decorations were stolen, Poloniak received an award from the Warwick Town Board and Mayor Michael Sweeton for the decades he spent creating a magical Christmas experience for the community.

“For 50 years, Vince has been religiously going out there and creating this magnificent display at his home,” said Sweeton. “We can’t even measure the amount of joy it’s given to people in this community for all those years.”

The Poloniaks contacted the town of Warwick Town Police and a report has been filed.