Stagecoach is one of the stars of Hallmark’s Christmas movie

Goshen. The film, ‘One December Night,’ is scheduled to air Nov. 13.

Goshen /
| 22 Sep 2021 | 04:33

    By Geri Corey

    On Tuesday, Sept. 21, the trucks and trailers rolled into Goshen bringing cameras, electrical equipment, props and more to begin filming the Hallmark Christmas movie, “One December Night.”

    Shooting began early morning at the Stagecoach Inn on Main Street, located opposite Village Hall. For the sake of the movie, it’s no longer the Stagecoach Inn, but it’s now the “Pineville Inn.”

    “’The Pineville Inn’ plays heavy in the movie, with the two leads staying there and another one meeting his fans there,” said producer Tony Glazer.

    Christmastime in September

    Although the shooting began inside the Inn, the outside is already decorated with snow, Christmas lights, red bows on the white picket fence and even a manufactured reindeer stands hoping for outdoor filming.

    Depending on the size and scope of the film, to complete shooting a Hallmark movie from beginning to end requires a crew of between 90 to a 100 people, said Glazer. There’s plenty of activity at the scene on the first day of shooting, with each crewmember knowing what to do to ready the set for filming.

    “One December Night” is a production of Choice Films, Inc., an award-winning independent production company. It’s the second movie filmed in the area, after “Redemption in Cherry Springs,” which was partially shot in Newburgh. (Something for Hallmark fans to look forward to: “Redemption in Cherry Springs” will be a new mystery series.)

    “Newburgh has great bones. It’s exciting to showcase it so people can see just how great it is,” said Glazer, adding, “It photographs well.”

    ‘Goshen photographs well’

    Glazer, originally from South Florida, moved to New York City, where he lived for a long time. He now resides in Newburgh, occupying his time producing and managing Umbra Sound Stages in Newburgh.

    “I’m excited about this week, filming in Goshen,” said Glazer. “It photographs well, too.”

    The filming crew is following strict COVID protocols throughout the filming of “One December Night,” which will air on Saturday night, Nov. 13 on the Hallmark channel.