Several giant warehouses on the way for Chester--Dec. 7 hearing postponed for additional 166,000 sf warehouse

Chester. With several large warehouse projects already in progress, the Town of Chester Planning Board had a Dec.7 hearing scheduled for a proposed 166,000-square-foot warehouse to be built by Lake Station Road. That was cancelled for Dec. 7.

| 07 Dec 2022 | 11:07

Sugar Loaf Industrial Park, one of Chester’s three industrial parks, is undergoing several major additions in the form of new and upcoming warehouse projects, in different phases of development. Here’s a rundown of what’s coming:

First is the Westervelt Warehouse, originally submitted by Ryan Westervelt in early 2022 and designed by Jeremy Valentine, PE of MHE Engineer. This project will be built on 509 Bellvale Road and will be an 8,100-square-foot addition to the preexisting Synergy Clothing Drive Fundraiser. The Chester Planning Board has already approved the warehouse, but due to an oversight, the applicant is currently waiting for the New York State DEC to approve their wetland disturbance permit application since the proposed building crosses into DEC-regulated wetlands.

Two warehouses, proposed by Simon Ostreicher, of 1251 Kings Highway, LLC, will be built on 1251 Kings Highway and take up 40,000 square feet each. This project has been approved by the planning board but has not been constructed yet.

Pomegranate Solutions, LLC plans to construct a 110,000-square-foot industrial development at Davidson Drive; this project has also been approved but is yet to be built.

Lastly, Davidson Drive Holdings, LLC is currently proposing a 166,000-square-foot warehouse to be built by Lake Station Road and designed by Mike Morgante, PE of Arden Consulting. The planning board is still reviewing the project and planned to hold a public hearing for it on December 7 but cancelled within a couple of days of the hearing.

When called about questions related to the warehouses and their ramifications, Town of Chester Planning Board Chair Don Serotta declined to comment. He referred questions to Melissa Foote, planning board secretary. She did not respond to calls by press time.

For more information on Chester-related projects, refer to the town’s minutes and agendas at