Read statements by the town board and supervisor candidates

Goshen and Chester. The candidates for town office have submitted statements to tell voters a bit about themselves.

| 18 Oct 2019 | 07:27

Statements submitted by candidates for supervisor and town board in Chester and Goshen are available at the links below.

In each town, the supervisor's seat is competitive. In Goshen, Democrat Ken Newbold is challenging the longtime Republican incumbent, Doug Bloomfield. The incumbent supervisor in Chester, Republican Robert Valentine, is serving out the term of the former supervisor, who resigned, and will face Democrat Susan Bahren.

In Goshen, four candidates -- Richard Florio Jr., Zak Constantine, Philip Canterino, and incumbent John VanDerMolen -- are competing for two open seats on the town board.

Chester has four open seats on its town board. Tom Becker, Tony Ardisana, incumbent Vincent Finizia, and Robert Courtenay are vying for two seats that are open because of a vacancy. The other two seats are now occupied by incumbents Orlando Perez and Cindy Smith, who are running for re-election against challenger Stephen Keahon.

Election day is Tuesday, Nov. 5. For information about polling places, sample ballots, and other information, visit the Orange County Board of Elections site at

Chester supervisor candidate Susan Bahren

Chester supervisor candidate Robert Valentine

Chester candidate Stephen Keahon

Chester candidate Robert Courtenay

Chester candidate Orlando Perez

Chester candidate Tom Becker

Chester candidate Cindy Smith

Chester candidate Dr. Tony Ardisana

Chester candidate Orlando Perez

Chester candidate Vinny Finizia

Goshen supervisor candidate Ken Newbold

Goshen supervisor candidate Doug Bloomfield

Goshen candidate Richard D. Florio Jr.

Goshen candidate Zak Constantine

Goshen candidate Philip Canterino

Goshen candidate John VanDerMolen

Parties running:
Democrat (Dem)
Republican (Rep)
Working Families (Wor)
Conservative (Con)
Independence (Ind)