Pothole watch: Week 10

| 25 Apr 2018 | 03:52

— Last Friday, the Village of Goshen posted a notice on Facebook that now has more than 230 likes, along with heartfelt comments saying "Thank you!” and "About time!"
The village is now legally forcing the Goshen Plaza owners to fix the strip mall parking lot on Clowes Avenue.
“Despite multiple promises over an extended period of time from the owners of the Goshen Plaza that improvements to the deplorable conditions present at the property would be forthcoming, nothing has happened,” the village statement reads. “These empty promises have left us beyond frustrated.”
The village goes on to say that after consulting the village's building department, police department, and attorney, the village has issued an “Order to Remedy” directing the property owner to fit the lot within 30 days. If the work is not done on time, the village will go to court to pursue the maximum penalties allowed by law. Roddey said the judge could decide to fine up to $1,000 a day.
“The entire parking lot needs to be safe,” said Village of Goshen Mayor Kyle Roddey. “So anywhere there is a pothole or anywhere where it would be unsafe for a pedestrian or a motorist, they need to make meaningful repairs. We’ve been in touch with them (the property owners) subsequent to the Order of Remedy, and they’ve said they are going to be doing these things, but we are not going to be letting up until we actually see this action take place.”
As for whether fixing the parking lot will help bring a grocery store into the Goshen Plaza, Roddey said the property owners have "known from day one that the village’s number one priority is getting a grocery store in there, and we’re happy to do whatever we legally can to facilitate that.
“I think that if these guys complete the site work, that would certainly encourage a grocery chain to come in. But even more than that site work, just the fact that there’s so many things going on in the Village. We’re seeing growth and investment and programming in the Village of Goshen, and the tourism efforts that we’ve had. All think al of that, and especially the County building reopening, I think that for a number of reasons, right now, I’m more optimistic than ever before.”
Roddey said he's optimistic based on the feedback from the property owners, Fareri Associates, but said the village is going to keep its foot on the gas until actual corrective action is taken.
The village's announcement came after nine weeks of "Pothole Watch," in which The Chronicle monitored the deteriorating condition of the parking lot. While the entrance and exit to the Goshen Plaza may now be paved, thanks to the owners of the Goshen Diner, the rest of the large parking lot is undermined by large potholes and crumbling asphalt.
At night, many of the lot lights are out or dim, and a number of handicapped parking signs are missing from the yellow poles in the front.
The parking lot at the village’s only shopping center, which includes a CVS Pharmacy and several other businesses, has continued to be perennial problem.
HistoryIn May 2015, Philip Adler purchased the Goshen Plaza for $7.85 million at auction, the second for the strip mall. The property is currently owned by Adler and Fareri Associates of Greenwich, Conn.
Goshen Plaza business owners have in the past complained that the pockmarked lot has driven away business.
In 2001, the Grand Union grocery store left the plaza, leaving the village without a supermarket to this day. CVS moved into that spot later.
When will it be fixed?Fareri Associates has until May 16 to fix the property, or the village will pursue the maximum penalties in court.
In 2015, Adler and Roddey said they planned to make the parking lot a priority. The parking lot saw some paving in September of that year, but the condition has deteriorated since then.
Editor’s note: Pothole Watch will keep an eye on the situation with updates every week until the lot is repaved.