Local police get FBI warning before inauguration

Inauguration. All local, state and federal law enforcement bureaus were notified by the FBI to watch out for potential rallies shortly after the attack on the Capitol.

| 15 Jan 2021 | 04:45

Fallout from the recent assault on the United States Capitol continues, and local law enforcement agents have started to investigate potential displays in the tristate area after an alert sent from the FBI.

The message: be on the lookout for assaults similar to D.C., and watch for any suspicious activity prior to the inauguration on January 20th. Here’s what local police departments have to say on the matter.


Orange County Sheriff’s Office:

“The Orange County Sheriff Office is actively monitoring all information that we are receiving on any potential rallies leading up to the Inauguration. At this time, we have no information on any local events planned. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office is committed to the protection and safety of all residents. The residents of Orange County can be assured, we are always prepared to augment our local, state, and federal agencies with our Patrol Division and Specialized Units. We encourage residents to report any activity surrounding the rallies, in response to the Inauguration, to the Orange County Sheriff Office at 845-291-2329 or their local police department.”

Deputy Sheriff Samantha Pascal, Public Information Officer

Goshen Police Department:

“Patrols are aware and advised. It’s a general law advisory which is pretty standard. The public shouldn’t have anything to worry about to my knowledge.”

Jim Watt, Chief of Police

Village of Monroe Police Department:

“So far we are not aware of any gatherings or rallies that will take place in the village of Monroe. If we hear anything we’ll make sure to work close with our neighboring agencies like the state police and the Orange County crime analysis center.”

Douglas Kruss, Monroe Village Police Administrator Sergeant

Warwick Police Department:

“We are aware. Generally, the rallies we have seen in the past in Warwick have been peaceful. We are looking on social media though and monitoring, but so far we have not seen anything that would warn us of any upcoming activity. If someone does have any information on anything, I would advise them to give us a call so we can look into it.”

Lieutenant John Raider


Sparta Police Department:

“We have been in constant dialogue with our partners-whether it be federal, state, or county. We’re keeping an eye on things and monitoring on a daily basis. Of course, if the public sees or hears of anything out of the ordinary that is suspicious, don’t hesitate and contact us immediately.”

Neil Spidaletto, Chief of Police


Editor’s note: We are awaiting information from Pike County, Pa., and other jurisdictions in Sussex County. Please check back for updates.