Living Nativity in Goshen on Dec. 19

Goshen. First Presbyterian Church hopes to have the Living Nativity become a part of the community’s Christmas family tradition.

Goshen /
| 15 Dec 2021 | 03:13

By Geri Corey

Christmas is a magical time of year. What better way to feel the magic than to be witness to the nativity scene as it happened long ago in Bethlehem?

Once again the First Presbyterian Church in Goshen, 33 Park Place, is staging a live nativity, recreating the scene when Jesus was born. The Living Nativity will be presented on Sunday, Dec. 19, from 5 to 6 p.m.

“It was so well received by the community last year, the first time we offered the Living Christmas Nativity that we doing it again this year,” said Margaret Dickover, event coordinator. “We here at the church are hoping to have the Living Nativity become a part of your yearly Christmas family traditions.”

Caroling, too

Church members have been working hard to make the nativity presentation even better than last year. Caroling will take place throughout the Christmas Story narration, with audience participants receiving song sheets, having lyrics to join right in singing many well-known Christmas carols, like “Silent Night,” “Oh, Come All Ye Faithful,” and “It Came Upon the Midnight Clear.”

“These are classic Christmas carols that everyone loves and are hungry to sing,” said Jonathan Hall, minister of music at the First Presbyterian Church. Victorian dress is encouraged for not only church choir members, but onlookers, too, which would create a nostalgic scene from Charles Dickens’s time.

The Living Nativity will be held outdoors at the front of the church. Beautiful woolly sheep will be part of the presentation— animals the children especially enjoyed at last year’s show. Rumor has it from elves working at the church that the jolly old man with a long white beard in a red suit just might make an appearance!

“Come to see and relive the Christmas Story as it happened so long ago. Come with family and bring along some friends,” said Dickover. “Everyone in welcome.”

Be your own Magi

Handicap parking will be available in the lot on the east side of the church, accessed from Park Place. Other visitors are asked to park on the surrounding streets.

Be your own Magi and support your community—bring a scarf, hat, or gloves. Those brought to the Living Nativity will be donated to the Goshen Giving Tree, located at the bus stop on Main Street.