Insurance, in a familiar way

Goshen. Goshen native follows in the family tradition, opens Goosehead Insurance franchise on Main Street.

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| 29 Sep 2021 | 08:50

Goosehead Insurance, spearheaded by agent Zach Schiller, has opened an office in Goshen at 25 Main St.

“Our goal for the community is to give everyone access to great quality insurance and help those who need help,” said Schiller. Coverage is provided for home, auto, flood, motorcycle, RVs, watercraft, jewelry, investment properties and renters.

“Goosehead Insurance offers products from multiple carriers with the support of the best in class service organizations,” Schiller said. “What this means is that the agency has 24-hour access to service representatives that can answer all questions in a timely manner.”

Goosehead Insurance offers service: Once you speak to a representative and like the person, you can continue to contact that person for all service needs without worrying about getting someone new each time you call. This applies to both the sales portion of the business transaction, as well as dealing with account questions.

“Working with the same sales rep saves the customer time and money,” Schiller said.

Although Schiller was born in Middletown, he was raised in Goshen, graduating in 2012 from John S. Burke Catholic High School in Goshen. He then went on to attend Dominican College in Orangeburg, graduating in 2016 with a degree in communications.

Following in the family tradition that has had success in the insurance business, Schiller began his career in Texas with State Farm Corporation, working as central administrative support for the East Coast. After three-and-a-half years, he moved back to New York, continuing with State Farm until starting up with a Goosehead Insurance franchise here in Goshen.

“I started in the insurance business at age 16 and I haven’t left it. I have 10 years experience in the insurance world,” the 27-year-old said, “with experience, knowledge and interest in the insurance business.”

When he isn’t selling insurance, Schiller likes plenty of activity, like fishing, mountain biking and snowboarding. High on his activity list is hiking, a sport he shares with his dad.

Revealing that his first big climb several years ago was up Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa, taking four days to climb up and one-day to come down, he then went on to explain: “Hiking is a nice way to break away and relax. There’s the need to focus on the climb—everything else blurs out.”

His dream is to climb Mt. Everest at the China-Nepal border.

In the office, his focus is on customers and the best way to meet their insurance needs.

- Geri Corey