Hundreds give at Goshen blood drive

| 11 Mar 2016 | 05:47

By Frances Ruth Harris
— More than 300 people gave live-giving blood during the 39th annual blood drive at Goshen High School.

It really makes a difference. Goshen school board member Tom Mullane said blood he donated helped at patient at Mt. Sinai Hospital. He said it was nice the hospital reached out, to let him know.

Terry McBride, a proud card-holding member of The Gallon Club, said he gives blood as often as he can — five gallons so far, during his lifetime. Many members of The Gallon Club at GHS reported giving four or five gallons of blood to date.

Blood goes to the New York Blood Center for transfusions and for hospital use in the Hudson Valley, Westchester County, New Jersey, and Orange County. Some donors give whole blood. Others are red cell-only donors. They're hooked up to a machine that filters red cells from the blood and returns the plasma, platelets, and some saline solution to the giver.

Red cell collection is preferred because patients requiring blood transfusions need them. Double red cell donation permits the donor to safely give two units during one automated process. A smaller needle is used than with whole blood donation. Double donating red cells is possible every 112 days, as opposed to every 56 days with whole blood. The rules for taking red cells are determined by the donor's gender, weight and height.

The drawn blood is typed and tested for disease. Goshen High School nurse Toni Samuelson expressed her gratitude to Alder's Florist, Jon Angelo's Pizza, Murray's Florist, and Shop Rite of Chester for their many donated products and gifts.

Donors left the high school gym smiling and carrying swag — flowers, T-shirts, and drawstring back packs.

Their motto: Give life! Save life!