Hudson Valley SPCA to take over Goshen Humane Society

GOSHEN. Town Supervisor Joe Betro says the town plans to have Hudson Valley SPCA take over Goshen Humane Society.

| 25 Jul 2023 | 10:25

Plans are in place for Hudson Valley SPCA to take over operations at the Goshen Humane Society, according to Town Supervisor Joe Betro.

The Hudson Valley SPCA is a no-kill shelter and humane law enforcement unit based out of New Windsor.

Rick and Susan Bossley, who managed Goshen Humane Society for the past 18 years as unpaid volunteers, are retiring Aug. 15. Rick Bossley is also retiring from his role as Goshen’s dog control officer.

Without anyone to fill the Bossley’s leadership positions, the shelter was slated to close Aug. 15, and any remaining animals were going to be sent to neighboring shelters.

In response to the Bossley’s retirement, Betro said the town has been in talks with various shelters over the past four weeks and now has a “conceptual deal put in place” with the Hudson Valley SPCA.

Pending town and village approval, the SPCA will take over and maintain the Goshen Humane Society’s facilities and the town’s animal control duties.

“Other than the name change,” Betro said, “everything will remain the same.”

The change would not affect tax dollars, Betro said. “We’re going to support them in fundraising efforts and other things,” he added.

In recent years, the Goshen Humane Society received just under $40,000 annually from the town and village of Goshen, according to Rick Bossley. Betro said the budget would be re-evaluated Jan. 1., 2024.

The deal is scheduled to be brought to the Goshen Town Board for approval this Thursday, July 27.