Hebrew school students celebrate year with awards and gymnastics

Florida. Students sang, cheered and recited their favorite prayers along with parents during a recent end-of-year ceremony.

| 06 Jun 2023 | 08:37

A display of accomplishments in Jewish learning were on display at Chabad Hebrew School’s Moving Up & Awards Ceremony. Rabbi Pesach and Chana Burston, directors of Chabad of Orange County, led the awards ceremony, which focused on character development as well as academic achievements.

Hosted by Orange County Sports Club Owner Eric Muhlrad, in Florida, NY, the celebration had all the elements for an exciting close to a fantastic year. Students sang, cheered and enjoyed a feature video presentation of the enriching CKids curriculum “Bereishit- Story of My Life.” Rabbi Pesach and Chana welcomed the crowd and students recited their favorite prayers along with parents.

Representing the graduating students, Ruby Eberly of Monroe, Shepard Hoffman of Goshen and Fiana Goldenberg of Warwick shared meaningful reflections. Graduates were gifted with personalized prayer books and trophies.

“Chabad Hebrew School has been an amazing experience for me,” Eberly said. “I have learned about Jewish holidays, traditions, and stories – making memories along the way. I loved singing the prayers, the creative teaching, learning prayers and the crafts and baking. Chabad has brought me so much joy – every time I take out a Seder plate or Menorah I made over the years I will always remember how happy Chabad Hebrew School has made me feel.”

“We learned about Jewish history including all the inspiring stories of our ancestors,” Hoffman said. “Going to Chabad Hebrew School has given me the opportunity to meet lots of new friends and learn new prayers and traditions that I can share with my family.”

“The lessons I learn at Hebrew School have had a big impact on my home, as we incorporate more traditions and customs with our newfound knowledge,” Goldenberg added.

Parent Cheryl Briggins of Monroe offered special feedback about her daughter’s tremendous joy in attending Hebrew School.

Students were excited to receive T-shirts, caps, Torah candies, Character awards and Aleph Champ certificates.

Staff and volunteer acknowledgements were followed by brunch, gymnastics and ninja course training, and a meaningful bracelet project.

In the spirit of completing the Book of Berieshit (Genesis), an elegant Mount Sinai Cupcake display celebrated the student’s Aleph Champ achievements, a program in which students learn Hebrew reading according to colors achievements.