Goshen Village Board upgrades its flood damage prevention law

Goshen. The law enables people who are in a flood zone who qualify for flood insurance to receive compensation for damage incurred.

| 31 Jul 2023 | 02:38

After closing a public hearing regarding Local Law #4, the Goshen Village Board adopted the Flood Damage Prevention law at their meeting on July 24.

“The model format for the law is following the DEC in order for our residents and businesses to get flood insurance,” explained Village Attorney David Donovan. “Periodically the DEC updates it, and we follow their model local law.”

The law enables people who are in a flood zone who qualify for flood insurance and have damage, and following flood plain management regulations, can hopefully receive compensation for damage incurred.

Adoption of Local Law #4 qualifies residents and businesses for participation in the National Flood Insurance Program, administered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

A copy of the Local Law Filing for Local Law #4 is available for perusing at the Village Clerk’s office, Village Hall, 276 Main St., Goshen, weekdays 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Goshen Plaza

Representing Goshen Plaza, Justin Dates, with Collier’s Engineering & Design, addressed the board concerning construction in the right of way on Matthews Street and Clowes Avenue. Dates said that the owner doesn’t want to remove them because of irrigation concerns and landscaping that enhances the vitality of the plaza entrance. \

He presented the board with a draft agreement that, with board approval, would allow them to keep the construction in place and maintain it.

However, the village attorney had prepared a Goshen Plaza Private Improvement Maintenance Agreement stating, as long as there is no adverse impact, the construction can remain.

If needed to access the property, the village has the power to revoke the agreement. Board members voted to accept the agreement; after Donovan’s review, the board will hold a final vote at a future meeting.

More village news

The Village Board authorized Mayor Molly O’Donnell to sign an agreement with Granite Phone Service. “By switching to Granite Phone Services from Frontier, we’ll save a few thousand dollars a year,” the mayor said.

In response to reports of juvenile vandalism at the Erie Street Park, police patrols, including bicycle patrols, have been stepped up. Anyone with information is asked to call 845-294-7988. All calls are confidential.

An email was received from Wendy Bynum-Wade, president of Goshen Community Coalition, asking that the village consider pledging $500 for start-up funding for the coalition. Items needed: banners, fliers, website and emails.

The coalition is requesting funding from village and town boards, the school district, and concerned businesses and residents. No board commitment was made.

According to the attorney, “There are rules about how you can expend taxpayer monies, so I would like a bit of time to look into the rules to make sure this doesn’t violate any of these rules. The question is whether you can invest taxpayer money in this fashion. I want to coordinate with the Town and School District, as well, and I will report my findings back to the Village at the next meeting.”