Goshen: Tristan Brideweser gives Historic Track a facelift

| 07 Oct 2020 | 03:08

Tristan Brideweser’s Eagle Scout project was to beautify Goshen’s Historic Track, the oldest active trotting track in the world.

Tristan’s group of 30 volunteers replaced plant beds in front of the band stand, the judge’s stand and the winner’s circle.

Prior to their plantings on Oct. 3, the plants and trees looked weary and uninspired.

Many plants were removed, including a blue spruce hiding the track sign. It took eight hours to remove plants, add loamy soil and plant flowers and small bushes.

“The project has helped restore the beauty of the track,” Tristan said.

Tristan lives in Chester and is a member of Troop 63 in Goshen. His scoutmaster, Jeffrey Albanese, suggested the project.

The 30 volunteers who went to work, exercising their green thumbs, included: Tristan Brideweser, Teagan Brideweser, Ellen Brideweser, Keith Brideweser, Sofia Balich, Netanel Tannhauser, Renee Fanning, Kenneth Fanning, Jason Barnes, Jacob Mott, Alex Canale, Michael Pungello, David Cooper, Eric Bunzey, Jack Moran, Daniel Hartley, Branden Arroyo, Mike Morrow, Matt Lewis, Timothy Hartley, Javier Rodriguez, Michael Young, James Young, Cole Greco, Harrison Metzger, Tallon Clark, Reese Donohue, Andrew Svede, Vincent Im and Noah Im.

Tristan expressed his heart-felt gratitude to those who made the project possible:

Tom Manza of Manza Family Farms who donated plants;

Lowe’s of Chester, which donated gloves, goggles, sanitizer, shovels, rakes and trellises;

United Rentals of Middletown, which donated the rototiller;

Cutrone Sand & Stone Landscape Supply Co., which donated the mulch;

Steve Master of Goshen Florist, who suggested the layouts of the plants; and

Jeanne Pungello, who brought hot dogs and water for all.

- Frances Ruth Harris