Goshen. ‘So go ahead and make a wish’

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| 31 Aug 2020 | 12:46

Pat MacDonald took her first painting class at the age eight; she would go on to earn her BFA from Columbus College of Art and Design. She’s also taught Botanical and Landscape Design classes from Botanical Gardens in the Bronx.

She has been a member of the Goshen Art League since 2018. She also has exhibited individually and in group shows.

This is her third year painting a trotter. She explain her thinking:

“This year’s idea came from a few different thoughts and evolved as I started doing my research.

“Side one is all about the idea of celebrating. I chose to do this side in oil paint because it was easier to render and create the realism and fun movement for me. I was really hoping that the Coronavirus was going to be over and we could enjoy things the way they were, sorry that hasn’t happened yet. Celebrating a marriage, graduation, birthdays or toasting to a special event whatever it needed to be. I just thought it needed to have a job. So I think when it finds its new owner in September it will have a completely different meaning to someone else because it’s 2020. Cheers.

“For side two I wanted to do something with colorful flowing ribbons. On my first trotter (2018) I did flowing stripes from the flag so I wanted to continue that moving feeling. I found that in some countries they have fences that carry many important thoughts or wishes or even beautiful artwork. The ribbons started flowing onto the horse and then they became attached to a wrought iron fence with large gold spheres on top because it made it look more regal. It takes place in a park and some of the ribbons carry important messages. They are just simple words but can also be powerful - so go ahead and make a wish.

“This side was done in acrylic paint with bold bright colors.”