Goshen schools offer veterans' exemption

| 20 Feb 2014 | 02:46

— On Feb. 4, the Goshen Central School District Board of Education unanimously passed two resolutions to provide the Alternative Veterans’ Exemption for eligible veterans and certain family members.

The Alternative Veterans’ Exemption provides a limited exemption from real property taxes for primary residences owned by U.S. veterans and specific family members, provided such property meets the requirements set forth in the law.

To be eligible, you must be a U.S. veteran with wartime service, combat zone service, and/or a service-connected disability. In addition, the Board of Education agreed to offer the Gold Star Parent Exemption for a parent of a deceased veteran who died in the line of duty.

The exemption is based on a percentage of assessed value subject to maximum levels of exemption and applies to primary residences owned by the veteran, the veteran’s spouse, the un-remarried surviving spouse or the surviving parent. It also applies to a legal life tenant of the property.

Please note that this is not an automatic exemption. A veteran must file an application with the local assessor by the taxable status date, March 1, 2014, and provide the required proof. If the veteran has not already applied for the exemption through the municipality, the application for exemption must be made by the owner on a form prescribed by the Commissioner of Taxation. In order to have this exemption effective this current year, application filing must be completed prior to March 1, 2014.

Veterans do not need to reapply for the exemption unless there are changes that affect the disability percentage or exemption amount. The District Clerk will notify each assessor in the five towns under the Goshen Central School District that the Alternative Veterans’ Exemption will be offered.

For more information about filing an application, contact your local assessor. You can also visit the Goshen Central School District website at www.goshenschoolsny.org for more information about the Alternative Veterans’ Exemption.