Goshen. Damien Suazo’s Bar Mitzvah project

Goshen /
| 05 May 2021 | 04:30

In preparation for his Bar Mitzvah, Damien Suazo wanted to mark the occasion by giving back to the community.

What he decided to do was to tie yellow ribbons to 40 flag poles at the entrance of the Orange County Veterans Cemetery in Goshen.

Yellow ribbons have been tied in remembrance of beloved warriors during all wars since the Civil War. The Nam Knights were on hand to help Damien place those ribbons at the cemetery on Saturday, May 1.

Orange County Cemetery Supervisor Dave L. Andryshak and Damien’s grandparents, Nancy and Irv Brown, were on hand to support and oversee Damien’s patriotic Bar Mitzvah project.

Damien’s Bar Mitzvah will take place at Montebello Jewish Center in Suffern.