Coping in the time of COVID-19

Chester. We asked: 'How are you doing?' Here's what several people told us.

| 31 Mar 2020 | 03:21

Tom Becker is the newly elected Democratic councilman for the town of Chester.

I have been social distancing as much as possible, only going out for essentials as needed, using a face mask and hand sanitizing often.

I always have something to do at our farm so I am never bored and being outdoors is where I love to be.

Like so many others, I have concerns for my family, friends, community and our country.

We all must keep in mind that no individual is more entitled than others and we must be respectful to all that have the same basic needs.

Face time has been a great tool allowing me to see and talk with my daughters and seeing my grandson, Leo.

Stay healthy everyone.

Cindy Becker

You had asked for things I am doing during these crazy times: Going out for essentials, making sure to wear mask and gloves.

I made masks for nurses that needed them as well as family members. This made me feel like I was able to do something to help, even a little.

I enjoy cooking and baking so I think doing things that give you comfort and that comfort others is a good thing.

Taking walks helps relieve stress, so take a walk even on the rainy days.

While these are not big things or mind blowing, they are things that are helping me get through. I keep telling myself too that they are not the hardest times that people have gone through so suck it up and before you know it this too shall pass.

Susan Bahren

The current situation we are in with regards to the horrible CoVid virus has found me pondering all the changes we have been making over the last four weeks.

It sounds pretty glib to say that I miss meeting with my Kiwanis Club, considering all that is going on around us, but it’s true. I miss being able to reach out in the community and help families who may be in need.

I was fortunate enough to be able to assist in a small manner with the Chester Presbyterian Food Bank, which did help.

I’m an active person, so it’s taking a lot for me to stay home, but I’m trying very hard. I am far from perfect, but am terribly discouraged by the amount of people that I see who are not “social distancing;” children playing in yards with their neighbor’s, children going to stores with their families. It’s terribly concerning that actions such as these will only continue to fester the entire situation.

We must work harder to stay home. It’s got to be very hard for families to be all under one roof, but when the sun in shining bring your children outside in your own yard, or to an area where there are no other children.

Wishing everyone prayers and good health.