Chester. Who’s up for election or re-election this November in the Town of Chester

| 24 Feb 2021 | 04:33

This November, voters in the Town of Chester will choose candidates for town clerk, town justice, receiver of taxes, superintendent of highways and three members of the town council.

Online petitions are available on Orange County Board of Election website: You also could call the Board of Election at 845 291-0300.

Contact party chairs in the county. They will help candidates to file out the forms as well as describe the job of the various positions.

Monday, March 2, is the first day for signing designation petitions.

Petitions has have to be filed between March 22 and March 25.

The number of signatures needed depends on the party:

Democrats need 49, Republicans need 40, Conservatives need four and Working Families one.

The numbers required are based on the number of enrolled voters in each party.

- Frances Ruth Harris