Chester. Truck bursts into flames on 17M

| 20 May 2020 | 12:31

Michael A. Chappell's 2019 white Toyota Tacoma bust into flames mid-morning on Friday, May 15, on Route 17M/Brookside Avenue in the Village of Chester.

Chappelli, who lives in Pine Island, was treated by Mobile Life for minor burns on his legs.

Leslie Smith said she opened her apartment door and felt a blast of heat and saw the flames. The flames grew and the tires exploded. She ran to the police who were parked in front of The Castle. Sgt. Joseph W. Herbert and Officers Jason M. Jackler and Joseph J. Guarneiri responded.

A driver in another car saw the flames coming from under Chappell's vehicl eand immediately called 911.

Smith said the fire singed the little maple tree in front of the insurance office near the highway, just several yards from her apartment door. She said there is now a burnt spot in the road she can see of her apartment door.

Orange County Fire Investigators said the cause of the fire was the brake lines. The Chester Fire Department extinguished the fire. Freeman's Towing Company removed the vehicle.

- Frances Ruth Harris