Chester. It takes a caravan to celebrate E.J. Szulwach's 91st birthday

| 05 May 2020 | 03:27

A 32-car caravan cruised by E.J. Szulwach's home in Chester on the occasion of his 91st birthday on March 28.

And he was so surprised as 60 people converged, honoring social distancing and wearing masks, to sing "Happy Birthday."

The Village Of Chester Police Department escorted and blocked traffic, enabling the caravan to travel in front of his house.

Many individuals participated, including the Kiwanis Club of Chester, Minisink and Middletown; members of the Master Gardners program; the Chester Presbyterian Church members and members of the Bruderhof community who provided street music via CD player.

E.J., as Sue Bahren said, is "the backbone of the Kiwanis Club in Chester."

Happy birthday, indeed.

- Frances Ruth Harris