Chester fifth graders move on up

Chester. The ceremony was held June 20.

| 09 Jul 2024 | 10:52

Chester Elementary held its annual Moving Up Ceremony on June 20, celebrating the graduating fifth grade class of 2024.

Principal Mary Kate Boesch presided over the event, extending a warm welcome to the Board of Education, notably newly elected board member Rosalie Pena who is a fifth-grade parent herself. Boesch also welcomed Superintendent of Schools Catherine O’Hara, Assistant Superintendent Rachel Loftus, High School Principal John Flanagann and Assistant High School Principal Rolando Aguilar. She continued by addressing the graduating class.

“Within this group there is great intelligence, creativity, ability, talent, kindness, and leadership,” said Boesch, adding her final words of encouragement. “I will leave you with one thing to keep in mind — something I start every day at CES saying on the morning announcements — and that is to remember CES, if you can be anything, be kind. [That is] something that you’ve shown in so many ways over the years that I’ve known you... [I] know that you will be destined for great things; I’m very proud of each of you.”

Next, Boesch invited the fifth-grade faculty to join her for the presentation of awards and certificates. Individual student awards were presented for accomplishments across all subject areas, including performing arts, English as a new language, and intramurals. Students were also presented with Kiwanis K Kids Awards, Presidential Academic Awards for Excellence & Achievement, the Patricia A. Herbert Memorial Awards, the Maureen Coffey Yearning for Learning Award, NYS Comptroller Awards, NYS Attorney’s General Triple “C” Awards, NYS Senate Awards, and Citizenship Awards. As each student’s name was called, they stood to receive their award.

Finally, Boesch and the fifth-grade teachers read off the names of each graduate as they walked across the stage to receive their certificates. The fifth-grade class celebrated its big night at the 5th Grade Student Party, held in the cafeteria.