Chester. Coffee vodka ‘tastes like a fresh brewed cup of joe’

| 16 Dec 2020 | 11:38

Orange County Distillery in New Hampton reached out to Valkyrie Coffee Roasters in Chester last May to collaborate in designing a new line of vodka: Coffee.

The good folks at the distillery had heard about Valkyrie Coffee Roasters from several customers.

What followed were several weeks spent experimenting with different beans and methods before finding the right match of the vodka and coffee flavors.

The result was created using grains grown on Orange County Distillery’s farm in the Black Dirt of Goshen coupled with Valkyrie’s Brazilian Salmo Microlot coffee beans.

The coffee is specialty grade and of a single origin from a single farm bean from a micro lot Valkyrie has with a farmer in Brazil.

According to Valkyrie Coffee Roasters, “The vodka has a light sweetness from the sugars naturally present in the coffee beans so it drinks really smoothly. It has a strong but pleasant coffee flavor that tastes like a fresh brewed cup of joe.”

The coffee flavored vodka is available online at the distillery’s website, which ships anywhere in New York. It’s also in liquor stores.

- Frances Ruth Harris