Chabad celebrates dads before closure

Monroe. Before the area closed down due to the COVID-19 pandemic caused a shutdown, Chabad Hebrew School celebrated Father’s Day. The celebration was held early as Hebrew School is not in session normally when Father’s Day occurs.

| 15 Jun 2020 | 01:54

Chabad Hebrew School students and their dads got the chance to celebrate Father’s Day together at Chabad before the corona crisis cancelled classes.

Dads felt pretty “awesome” at the special “A&Wesome Aba” program. (“Aba” is Hebrew for dad.) “We scheduled a special Father’s Day themed event earlier in the year,” explained Chana Burston, who directs the Hebrew school, “because Hebrew School is usually not in session in late June, when Father’s Day occurs,” she said. “But little did we know how meaningful this was now that gatherings are restricted.”

The creative program encouraged bonding between father and child. “With most programming shut down due to Covid, we are excited to share some highlights of the program in honor of Father’s Day,” said Rabbi Pesach Burston.

Students paired together with fathers to learn some of the Jewish laws pertaining to respecting one’s parents. They then wrote “mustache messages” using mustache shaped cards to write kind notes to one another. The program highlight included each child making a delicious A&W Root Beer float in a special mug to gift to their “A&Some Aba!”

Chabad of Orange County gives a big shout out to all the parents who have juggled many hats while quarantining with their children these past few months. You are truly awesome!

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