Blue Knights follow the patriots' path on 240th anniversary of battle

| 25 Jul 2019 | 02:49

By Frances Ruth Harris
The Blue Knights lined up their high-end bikes at the Battle of Minisink Memorial in Goshen, N.Y., on July 20 ready to commemorate the battle's 240th anniversary.
They left on their motorcycles at noon and headed over the Hawk's Nest and on to the Battleground Park in Barryville, N.Y., the site of the battle, for a commemoration.
Their journey followed the original path of the patriots, who were bent on revenge. The British had made a devastating attack on Fort Decker in Minisink, present-day Port Jervis, N.Y. So set off to chase the culprits, Joseph Brant, a Mohawk war chief and a captain in the British Army, and his volunteers.
The British won the battle that day, July 22, 1779. But — so we hear — they didn't win the war.
Still, many patriots were slaughtered during this only major skirmish of the Revolutionary War fought in the Upper Delaware River Valley.
Biker Paul Brower said donations from the fundraiser will benefit West Point Cemetery at the U.S. Military Academy.
The Orange County Sheriff’s Department was on hand for the event.
Jackie McNally volunteers at the West Point Cemetery. During the line up of bikes, he sold raffle tickets for Wreaths Across America, held every December "to remember, honor and teach."