Another successful showing for Goshen Science Olympiad teams

| 29 Jan 2019 | 01:40

— Goshen Science Olympiad sent two teams to participate in the Rustin Invitational in West Chester, Pennsylvania.
In their second competition of the season, the two junior teams placed 11th and 44th overall.
On January 5, the Science Olympiad teams traveled in the wee hours of the morning from Goshen to Pennsylvania to compete.
Among the pool of 60 highly competitive teams from Massachusetts, Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania, Goshen SciOly had several students place among the top ten. The students competed in pairs with the top 10 teams in each event receiving medals.
The winnersGoshen’s medal winners included:
Battery Buggy:
2nd place — Rohan Chhabra and Jason Barnes
5th place — Jason Diaz and Carlos Alicea
4th place — Julisa Posada and Carlos Alicea
9th place — Xander Danella and Kiara Paulino
Roller Coaster:
6th place — Alex Mistretta and Kiara Paulino
Water Quality:
7th place — Serena Yeddu and Paul Choi
8th place — Catherine Lienemann and Cora Pahucki
8th place — Catherine Lienemann and Cora Pahucki
Students prepare 10 hours per weekScience Olympiad is dedicated to improving the quality of science education by encouraging students to explore topics including biology, chemistry, physics, epidemiology, astronomy, computer science and engineering in the STEM competition. The students who are a part of the Goshen Science Olympiad team pursue their passion for science by dedicating approximately 10 hours a week to prepare for their competitions leading up to the New York State Competition which is held in April.
The teams consist of students from 6th grade through 12th grade. They are led by head coach Becky DenDanto, and assistant coaches Laura Muller, Warren Young and Christina Pahucki, with generous support from a large group of parent and community volunteers.
“We had a long but successful day of competition in Rustin," said Coach DenDanto. "The coaches and I are extremely proud of our teams progress and are looking forward to the regional competition held at Monroe-Woodbury Middle School in March.”
The teams received generous support from local businesses including Lanc & Tully, Nugent & Haeussler, M&T Bank and Media Vision Advertising.
To find out more about the teams, the events in which they participate, and how you can lend your support, visit