College Admissions Expert Elizabeth Levine: The inner workings of elite college admissions

The inner workings of elite college admissions

02 Jan 2020 | 04:17

Every year there are hundreds of thousands of students applying to our most selective higher education institutions with the hopes that they will be accepted along with this elite group of students and become a legacy, potentially solidifying for them, and their offspring, a promising and fulfilling future. They take the most difficult courses in high school, earn the best grades and the highest, if not perfect, SAT or ACT scores and ensure that their extracurricular activities are such that they stand out in anyone’s mind. You would think that is enough, right?

I don't ever want to hinder anyone’s dreams and deter them from pursuing them but I also am someone who believes in living in a world of reality. Every year I have students who are devastated due to being denied from a school that they most probably had the credentials to attend but had a miniscule percentage to actually see that come to fruition. Although they knew it was a long shot they still had hope. No matter what the slim chances may have been, hope prevails and is there until the final word is spoken.

Please read “The Dirty Secret of Elite College Admissions” article and gain some much-needed insight to what is an immensely strong consideration for these elite institutions when deciding who will attend, and who will not.

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