Getting guns off the street GOSHEN. Twenty-eight handguns and 10 long guns were turned in during Gun Buy-Back Program.

19 Jul 2019 | 12:37

Orange County District Attorney David M. Hoovler, City of Newburgh Police Chief Doug Solomon and Major Pierce Gallagher of the New York State Police announced a Gun Buy Back Program held Saturday, June 22, at the City of Newburgh Community Center, resulted in twenty-eight handguns and ten long-guns, including three illegally modified sawed-off shotguns, being turned into the police.
The program was designed to allow people to safely surrender guns and receive a Walmart gift card valued at up to $150, depending on the type of gun surrendered.
Those surrendering operable assault weapons were to receive a gift card in the amount of $150.
Those surrendering operable handguns, or modified rifles or shotguns, received gift cards in the amount of $100.
Those surrendering rifles, shotguns, antique or non-working firearms were to receive gift cards in the amount of $25.
No identification was required to surrender any weapon and no questions were asked of the people dropping off the firearms.
Under the state penal law, a person who voluntarily surrenders a weapon to the police receives immunity for the unlawful possession of the weapon, although not for other crimes which they may have committed using the weapon.
The law enforcement officials The Orange County District thanked Walmart for supporting the Gun Buy Back Program and for offering the gift cards that will be used for the program at a discounted rate.
"I encourage everyone who is burdened with possessing an illegal gun who did not take advantage of this program to contact the police about surrendering any weapons they possess illegally," Hoovler said. "Individuals who carry an illegal gun in Orange County under my Office’s policy faces a minimum of 3 ½ years in state prison. Ultimately, every illegal gun we remove from the streets makes Orange County a little safer.”