Politics should have no role in deciding DMV location

24 Oct 2014 | 01:11

Editor's note: The following letter was mailed to Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus and County Clerk Annie Rabbitt on Oct. 13.

County Executive Neuhaus and County Clerk Rabbitt:

As Mayor and Deputy Mayor of the Village of Goshen, our county seat, we are concerned about the glaring omission of Goshen as a proposed location for Orange County’s Department of Motor Vehicles. Initially there was the proposed consolidation of services in Middletown and more recently the idea that services continue in the three cities and potentially expand in new locations. After decades of service as the Orange County’s main Department of Motor Vehicles we are omitted altogether.

This is a problem. The our Village is being held hostage by political paralysis. The challenges facing the constituents of Goshen due to the inaction of Government are well documented. Now, by omitting Goshen as a proposed location for Orange County’s Department of Motor Vehicles, you are only adding insult to injury.

There is a reason that Goshen is the County Seat, its central location makes it convenient to all major thoroughfares. During the time the Goshen location was open it was the highest revenue generator for the County. We think any long term decision that does not include and primarily rely upon Goshen is cost prohibitive.

There are two locations in the Village of Goshen which we believe would best meet the County's needs and requirements.

The most ideal location for the Orange County’s Department of Motor Vehicles is the current FBI Building on Matthews Street in the Village of Goshen. Just off Route 17, the location is at the cross section of Orange County. The FBI will be vacating the building in early 2015. It is Americans with Disabilities Act compliant and has the parking capacity to accommodate the staff and constant flow of customers.

As the home of county offices, specifically the District Attorney, and previously a federal agency, this area has already proven to be an ideal location to successfully operate a vital governmental function.

With the certain departure of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the current owners are anxious to begin a dialog with Orange County.

If the FBI Building should prove to be cost prohibitive, another location may suffice. While not as large as the FBI building, Goshen’s Village Hall would also serve the necessary purpose of housing Orange County’s Department of Motor Vehicles.

The Clerk's Office would be welcome to utilize our meeting room every week day from 8:45 to 4:30. This room has roughly thirty chairs, conference tables, and a dais that could be turned into DMV windows.

The building is equipped with wireless internet, is ADA compliant, and provides ample parking.

Additionally we can offer a separate office upstairs for storage, filing and smaller meetings. This room locks and could be solely utilized by the Clerk’s Office.

Between the above two options, nothing further should impede Orange County’s Department of Motor Vehicles from returning where it belongs.

Recognizing that much of Orange County Government’s inaction and ineptitude took place prior to your election, this is your chance to right the wrongs to the Village of Goshen. Continuing to ignore Goshen’s pleas can only be and will only be interpreted as politically motivated. Politics has no role in this decision.

We are available to discuss any of the above.

Yours truly,
Kyle Roddey
Mayor, Village of Goshen

Edward Char
Deputy Mayor, Village of Goshen