Goshen. Martial arts school donates $1,000 to Goshen school PTO

04 Sep 2020 | 01:32

As part of its 25th year in business celebration, United Martial Arts Centers has donated $1,000 to the Scotchtown Avenue Elementary School PTO.

Opening in 1995, UMAC presently has locations in Warwick, Middletown and Monroe.

“Since the day my wife and I opened our first location in Warwick we decided to give back to the communities we serve,” Grand Master Edmund Ciarfella, founder and owner of UMAC, said in the press release detailing the donation. “We wanted to make a difference. First to give our community an unforgettable place to connect with your family and friends and to have fun and an amazing martial arts experience, secondly to help our students reach their full potential by giving them life skills that go beyond the Dojang (Martial Arts School) walls and finally to support local charities and help make the communities we serve even better places to live.”

For more information, visit www.umacenters.com.