Florida, N.Y. Sam’s Meat Warehouse introduces dedicated hour for most vulnerable customers

20 May 2020 | 09:50

Sam’s Meat Warehouse at Remee Plaza, 468 Route 17A in the Village of, Florida, is designated as an essential business.

The popular meat market recently extended work hours to accommodate surged demand, and introduced a "dedicated hour" for people most vulnerable to COVID19 virus.

The initiative provides the elderly, disabled and those with compromised immune systems an opportunity to shop before the shop officially opens at 10 a.m. with newly sanitized door handles, shopping baskets and fully stocked cases in a less crowded environment.

“We were the first to start this trend,” said owner Stephan Kitar, “and appealed to other local businesses providing essential services to follow our example to be mindful of those in the community who might need extra help during this time.”

Kitar reported that the announcement went viral, with more than 30,000 views within few days.

“I'm pleased and proud to see other businesses following suit,” he said, “including much bigger retailers like ShopRite and Walmart, as well as TD Bank and many other businesses locally and nationwide.”

Kitar added that the market also works closely with volunteer organizations, such as Hugs for Courage, Florida Food Pantry, the Orange County Sheriff's Department, Adopt the Senior and other organizations bringing essential items to senior citizens and veterans, those who are unable to leave their homes.

“Safety during this time,” he said, “is our main priority and we not only follow safety procedures mandated by the CDC, but also offer gloves, sanitizer and masks to the public to enter the store.”

Sam’s Meat Warehouse currently offers special discounts for essential workers, as well as seniors and veterans.

The store is open every day. For information call 651-MEAT (6328) or visit www.facebook.com/SamsMeatWarehouse.

- Roger Gavan