Each flag has a story

Goshen. The Flags for Heroes display at Charles J. Everett Memorial Park is a project of Goshen Rotary. Each of the 155 flags carries a medallion with a hero’s name.

| 04 Nov 2020 | 03:34

Dozens of American flags have sprouted in the middle of Goshen. Each recognizes someone’s hero.

The Flags for Heroes display at Charles J. Everett Memorial Park, which can be viewed until Nov. 22, is a project of Goshen Rotary. Each of the 155 flags carries a medallion with a hero’s name and his or her sponsor.

And each flag has a story.

Lou Allen

Among those recognized is Lou Allen, a teacher and National Guard first lieutenant who was killed by an American soldier during a “fragging” incident.

Ken Obremski said that his son-in-law left his wife and four young children for a tour of duty in Iraq because “he wanted to serve his country.”

Obremski said that Allen was a nice guy who was respected by his students, many of whom he influenced to join the military.

“There should be more people like him in the world,” Obremski said.

Anthony diBennedetto

The student career of Anthony diBennedetto at the Pratt Institute was paused by World War II during which he served as a navigator for the Army Air Corps in the Pacific. His plane was shot down in June 1945, and eight of its nine-member crew parachuted into the ocean. Seven were rescued by the submarine Sea Fox after 24 hours fending off thirst, exhaustion and circling sharks.

After the war, diBennedetto completed his degree and worked for the Air Force as a civilian in Spain for many years. He rarely talked about the war after returning to the states, but in his mid-80s he obtained a copy of a video showing his rescue from the submarine’s archives. He burst into tears when he saw the video.

diBennedetto died two years ago at the age of 94. His niece Beth Quinn said she and her husband Bob “chose to raise a flag in Uncle Tony’s honor precisely because he didn’t think he was a hero. Like most of the men and women who served he felt he was simply doing his job. He was not a humble person in general but he was humble about serving his country.”

Sally Carpolongo

Sally Carpolongo is a nurse on the pandemic front lines.

“She has worked effortlessly and with very deep compassion to ensure that the people she is looking after are very well taken care of,” said Alexander Klieverik.

Klieverik said that his friend wouldn’t consider herself a hero, but he and his wife Roshni “wanted to make sure that we honor her bravery and commitment.”

Two heroes

Christopher Ashman has two heroes.

He praised his 10 granddaughter Makenna Hadden for diligence in her schoolwork, the pandemic notwithstanding.

Ashman also is proud of how well his developmentally disabled brother Craig has adapted since his father died and he had to move to a group home. Ashman plans to bring Craig to the park so he can take his picture next to his flag.


Rotary raised $4,000 from the contributions of sponsors and other donations to Flags for Heroes, the only fund raiser it has been able to hold this year.

The club held a brief presentation on Nov. 1. Speakers who read the names of the heroes were president Mark Gargiulo, Rob McLean, Rolland Peacock, Patrick Foley, Martin Schwartz and Amy van Amburgh.

Kevin Palacino, scoutmaster of Boy Scout Troop 62, coordinated its participation with that of Cub Scout Troop 62. Scout Michael Lombardi played Taps.

Flags for Heroes
Here are the names of the men and women on the Goshen Rotary Club’s Flags for Heroes display:
Louis Allen, 1 LT., USA
Elizabeth Antinori
Robert Theodore Armistead
Robert Thomas Armistead
Craig Ashman
Richard A .Ayres
Arnold Bartlett, WW II
Mitzi Beasley
Robert Beasley
Lynn A. Bliven
Barbara Bloomfield
Gwendolyn Bondi
Brooke Bondi RN
Herb Bowman
Patrick J. Boyle
William F. Brennan
Seymour Brickel
Stephen M. Brown, MSG., USA
Peter Bruder
Chief Elmer Budd
Paul A. Carey, MD, LTC, USA
Susan Collins
Sally Corpolongo, RN
Corrigan Family
H Cruz
Thomas J. V. Cullen Jr.
M. and C.J. Dalmau
John R. Degan, 2d Lt. USAF
Brian Dermigny, SFC, USA
Deana Diaz
Anthony A. diBenedetto
Donald Dillenbeck, USA
Benny Dingman, Purple Heart
Dr. Robert Dinsmore
Stephen J. Donohue, Esq.
Joseph R. Donovan
Michael Donovan, COL, USA, (RET)
Edward Dooley
Richard “Dick” Durland
Charles H. Edlin, MM3, USN
Ronald R .Edlin, PO2, USCG
R. Thomas Eikhof
Craig Ellefson
Elise Esposito
Thomas Esposito
Raymond F. Falk, WW II
Maureen Farrell
Bill “Batman” Fichthorn
First Responders
Rich “Pop” Fischer
Robert S. Fitzpatrick, USN
Robert Flannery
S. Francis Flannery, WWII, OECFD
John Foley
Bernard and Diane Frishberg
Gertrude Frishberg
Larry Gabler
John F. Gargiulo
Joseph A. Gargiulo
Harold Garnett
Sean Gavin, Maj., NYANG
Abe Glazier, CPL, USAAC
John S. Goodreds, SGT., USA
Goshen Veterans
Harold M. Grout
Harry Grout
Thomas Haake
Makenna Hadden
Leonard R. Halpern
Christine Hammond
Vincent Hammond Jr.
Bob “Papa” Hankinson
Healthcare Workers
Joseph Hearne, Korean War Vet
Ed Heitczman, Investigator, NYSP
James L. Heslop, Cmdr. American Legion Post 377
William Horgan
Dr. Frank Imbarrato
Alfred Jankowski
Raymond W. Jennings
Helen Keller
Russell C. Kelsey
Charlene P. Klieverik
Johan Klieverik
Ron Klieverik
Etna Kotur
John F. Kragh, Jr., MD. COL, USA (RET)
Edward J. Kuroski, LCpl, USMC
Dominic La Grutta
William Larkin, NYS Senator
Stephen Leslie, CPT., USA
Anthy J. Levite
Beverly Liebertz
Bernard Luck, MD, CPT.
Charles Maurice Lyon
Douglas M. MacLeod Sr. Inspector, USMS
Kelly Makuen
Margaret Markiewicz, RN
David Marks
Rob Martin, NYPD
Sergio F. Maturana
Edward McBride Sr.
Jacquelene McClorey, Cpl, USMC
Vincent F. McCormack, SSgt, USAF
Vincent J. McCormack, TSgt, USAAC
Donna McCormack-Bye, RN
Keith McCue, Afghanistan Vet.
William V. McDonagh, Trooper, NYSP
Michael E. McFarlane, Sgt. NYPD
John F. McKeon
Mia McLean
Thomas B. McManus
Koltin Spindler Meade
Coxy Mellin
Burton Messenger
Military Personnel
George S. Miller Jr.
James “Jim” Mullany
Dominic Nuzzolese, Seaman 1st Class, USN
James O’Donnell
Eric Olds
James E. Oxley, DO
Anthony Palazzola Sr., IC3, USN
Mrs. Lloyd F. Peacock
Rolland B. Peacock Jr., 1Lt, USAAC
Adam Peacock, MAJ, USA
Cheryl Ann Pearsall
James B. Pettis, MD, CPT, USN
Dominick Pistone
Florence A. Plunkett
Robert W. Plunkett, LtJG, USN
Dean Purdy
Raymond J. Quattrini, Cmdr. VFW Post 1708
Retired FDNY of Orange County
Peter and Laura Rollins
Coach Joseph Romano
Eleanor Roosevelt
Lois B. Rose, 1st Lt. USAF
Arthur Schindler
Frank Schmidt, Staff Sgt. WWII
Harry Schwartz
John Shea, USA, Korean War
Roger J. Sinnott, LTC, USA
Alfonse Squittieri, Purple Heart Recipient
Staff of Garnet Health
Mal Stewart
Charles Stickels
J. “Buzz” Storey, Journalist
Helaine Strauss, JCC Founder
Joseph J. Strojnowski, Field Cmdr. NYSP (Ret)
George W. Strong
Sheila Strong
Peter Sullivan Sr., LTJG, USN
Susan Strong Cullen Family
Steven M. Sutherland, SP4, USA
Jazz (Francis) Swanwick
Daniel R. Taggert, SGT, USA ‘43-’45
Bob Taylor
Skip Tetz
Charles R. Tippin
Jeannine Tocco
Sam Tucker
George Van Amburgh
James C. Watt, Chief, VGPD
Alan R. Wiley, SP4, USA
Diane Worby