Chester officer asks judge to revoke pistol permit

The following undated letter, written on Town of Chester Police Department letterhead, was sent to Orange County Court Judge William L. DeProspo. Please see related story "Jury trial to be held in harassment case against Chester police officers."

17 Sep 2019 | 04:07

Dear Judge DeProspo,

My name is Robert Bird and I have been a police officer with the town of Chester Police Department for the last 10 years. I am writing this letter as a result of a recent investigation done by our department into Jeremiah Siddique Johnson El (AKA Jerry Lateek Johnson) DOB: 02/03/1972.

On the morning of March 22 at approximately 4:10 a.m. Officer Chambers of the Town of Chester Police Department stopped Jeremiah Siddique Johnson El for a Vehicle Traffic Law violation. At the time of the stop Jeremiah refused to produce a valid identification, instead producing a Moorish National Identification Card. Jeremiah stated to Officer Chambers that he is a Moorish citizen and in turn does not need to obey the laws of the United States of America or of New York State. Jeremiah went on to explain that he was "traveling" and not driving, citing a Treaty of Peace and Friendship of 1787 that state he is free to do so and that we as police officers have no jurisdiction over him as he is not a citizen of this country and he does not fall under the Constitution of the United States of America. Ultimately, Officer Chambers was able to identify Jeremiah through a name given on a credit card and it was found that he did have a valid New York State driver's license. Jeremiah was subsequently issued two vehicle and traffic summons and sent on his way.

In the weeks following this traffic stop Jeremiah has been a cause of concern for employees of the Town of Chester. The start of this concern was when two suspicious packages arrived, one at the town hall and the other to the police department. These packages were large envelopes, incorrectly addressed (i.e. the Republic of Chester near 10918), mailed with a 2 cent stamp, from the Moorish Consulate in Brooklyn (this is a second story apartment in a brownstone), marked as international mail, mailed certified mail, and finally with a red thumbprint on the envelop that is believed to be blood. The contents of these envelopes were similar in that they contained printed data on Moorish Nationals, a printed copy of the Treaty of 1797, and copies of his vehicle and traffic summons with writing on them stating that the court does not have jurisdiction over him. Jeremiah then began showing up at several of the town offices and demanding to be served. Jeremiah came to the station on multiple occasions demanding to speak with a supervisor then came to the Town of Chester Justice Court while court was in session demanding to be heard and causing such a disruption that he needed to be removed by the court officers. Jeremiah then came to the town hall, where the town supervisor was working after hours and began knocking on his window wanting to be heard. Jeremiah has come to the town clerk's office attempting to FOIL officer's Oath of Office as well as personal information.

The accumulation of these actions led us to open an investigation into Jeremiah Siddique Johnson El to ensure the safety of the town's employees. During this investigation I discovered that Jeremiah claims to be a former police officer with Administration for Children's Services in New York City. I contacted Chief Miranda of the Administration of Children's Services (ACS) Police to inquire as to the employment of Jeremiah, who at the time went by Jerry Lateek Johnson. Chief Miranda informed me that Jerry L. Johnson was employed by ACS but as a special officer and not a police officer. Chief Miranda further informed me that at no time was Jerry L. Johnson armed with a firearm in the performance of his duties in working for ACS. Chief Miranda also informed me that Johnson resigned while facing charges for a false arrest as well as an Article 78 for being mentally unfit for the job. It was also found that Jeremiah Johnson El, formerly Jerry Johnson, was convicted of Criminal Possession of a Loaded Firearm in the 3rd on August 12th, 1991, a D Felony. Pursuant to section 400 sub 1 (C) of the New York Stat Penal Law no license to carry, possess, repair and dispose of a firearm shall be issued to a person who has been convicted anywhere of a felony of serious office.

Due to the findings of this investigation I am requesting that you immediately revoke Jeremiah Johnson El's (Jerry Johnson's) pistol permit in the interest of public safety. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

Robert Bird

Police Officer