Chester Elementary embarks on 'The Kindness Adventure'

22 May 2019 | 12:47

    By Ginny Privitar
    The Kindness Adventure school assembly, presented by All for KIDZ, last month treated Chester Elementary School to a lively performance that used storytelling, music, magic tricks, audience participation, and interactive videos to tell the story of a cartoon character named NED.
    The film part of the adventure begins when NED and the performer/presenter, Trish Epperson, accept an invitation to visit Kenya. Although NED is initially uncertain about the cultural differences, he quickly learns he has much in common with the kids in Kenya and likes their culture, including the food, dress, games, and friendly people.
    The presentation inspires everyone to be kind-hearted and caring to others at school and at home, in their community and outside of it. It shows that even though other people and other cultures may seem different from us, we have many things in common.
    The film also showed the unclean water traditionally used by rural households and the All for KIDZ construction of a clean, freshwater well for the community, paid for with proceeds from the Kindness Adventure program sales.
    The program included interactive moments with the audience. Asia Paul, a kindergartner and one of the kids called up for the Q&A, was asked how she would show kindness. She said she would give kids a hug and ask them to play.
    A win for everyone
    Chester staff and students loved the presentation and will help pay it forward. The Kindness Adventure provided hand-made Kenyan bracelets, pendants, and carved animals, which were available for sale at the school. Proceeds go to pay for the program, support the Kenyan artisans who make the objects, provide money to dig wells for fresh water for the communities in Kenya, and also go to a fund to make the Kindness Adventure program available for free to schools. It’s a win for everyone.
    The presentation was the brainchild of teacher Patty Keogh, who was given a framed print with a picture of a rainbow and the words ”Be Kind” by her friend and colleague Pam Corbacio on behalf of all her fellow teachers. Ms. Keogh was also thanked with loud applause.
    Epperson has performed the Kindness Adventure for two years. She lives Washington, D.C., does ten shows a week, and tours for about 40 weeks a year, traveling in the United States, Canada, and overseas during the summer. She has a bachelor's in fine arts in music theater and a certificate in early childhood development. She has toured for about seven years in total, previously performing in musicals and plays all over the country.
    For more information, visit or call Lois Hickman (All for KIDZ) at 877-872-9696 ext. 156.