An iconic sign is lit up once more

Chester. Elite Cinema 6 has reopened for business.

| 08 Sep 2021 | 09:22

If you have been around Chester recently, you may have seen a familiar sign lit back up once again at the Chester Mall Shopping Center.

“It really has become a staple of the community,” said Dianne Kopac, director of operations for Elite Cinema 6, referring to the theater sign.

Kopac reopened the movie theatre on Friday, Sept. 3, after a year and a half of closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

She said the first day opening was full of joy, with local community members ecstatic to see the iconic Elite Cinema 6 sign lit up once again.

“We have had the sign lit up all day and night,” Kopac said. “and it has definitely gotten a lot of people excited.”

Kopac, her husband and son have been working hard on updates, safety measures for guests and deep cleaning.

“We’re trying to expand and clean up to take up right where we left off,” said Kopac.

Elite will also be adding hot food items to their menu, in addition to offering guests the traditional movie fare of popcorn and candy.

“We’re very family oriented,” Kopac said, “It’s a family run, family fun business.”

The family has been working hard to get the theatre reopened and ready for guests. “I never thought we would be using these signs again,” said Kopac, referring to the grand opening signs in the front of the building. “Last time Elite Cinema used these was when Elite Cinema first opened in 2008.”

Kopac said the reopening of the theater now was a deliberate choice, as September is a slower month for movies, but it helps to prepare for busier movie months like November and December, when a lot of big box office movies hit theatres.

“Elite could have opened back in June, but there weren’t a lot of movies being made,” Kopac said. “I thought September would be a good transition month, so we can get back in the swing of things.”

Additionally, there is also an option to buy tickets online.

“Everyone is just really excited to be back,” said Kopac.

Visit Elite Cinema 6, open Thursdays through Sundays. Buy tickets online at, on Fandango or at the box office.