Spider-web girl art 'guitar' is taken
Chester. Work of art is a labor of love created to advertise the music festival. If you see it or know where it may be, call the police or the historical society.

Leslie Smith's spider-web girl "guitar" (Photo provided)

By Ginny Privitar
Local resident and artist Leslie Smith was one of several people who painted a guitar-shaped wooden cut-out last year at the request of the Chester Historical Society to advertise the downtown Chester Summer Music Series. Her guitar’s front featured the image of a girl’s face, painted with a spider web for Halloween. It was based on a photo Smith took at Greenwood Lake during Halloween.
This year it was hung on a 40-mph speed sign near the building she owns and Clif Patrick operates as a property and casualty insurance office at 119 Brookside Avenue, near the Christine Drive entrance to the Castle’s event grounds.
Patrick spotted it and told Smith.
“Before I could even look at it, it was missing,” she said.
They’re not sure of the exact date, but it was either the end of May or the beginning of June.
Smith pasted a copy of her photograph on the wooden guitar cut-out and then painted on top of it. The whole process, including several coats of sealer, took her a couple of months.
The painted guitars were a labor of love for those who care about Chester and wanted to promote its summer music series. If you see or hear of the missing painted guitar, please contact Chester Police at 469-4111 or leave a message at the Chester Historical Society’s office: 469-2591.
Last year Olivia Dawson’s painted guitar was taken and later recovered in a dumpster by the American House ice cream store.