Baxters Pharmacy, a Goshen institution for 36 years, closes abruptly
Goshen. Customers are being directed to CVS, which some older residents who don't drive say is out of reach for them.

Baxters Pharmacy at 62 West Main St. has permanently closed. It sits next to the Bank of America that vacated its premises on March 27, 2018. (Photo by Geri Corey)

By Geri Corey
Customers of Baxters Pharmacy, located at 62 West Main St. in the Village of Goshen, were shocked to find a locked door with a taped red sign that declared: This pharmacy has closed.
There were no warnings or even rumors heard that this abrupt closing would happen to the longstanding business that’s been in the same location for 36 years.
To allay customers' fears that their prescriptions would not go unfilled, the sign further stated: “Visit any CVS Pharmacy location to fill your next prescription.”
However, the sign didn’t comfort many older village residents, especially those who don't drive. They lamented that they didn’t know how they would get to CVS, located on Clowes Avenue, near Route 17M. Certainly, it's too far for most to reach by foot.
The mood on the street for younger and older customers was shock and disappointment. Baxters sold an assortment of useful items, like greeting cards, boxed gift chocolates, light office and school supplies, loose candy and gum, children’s toys, besides meeting health care needs and filling prescriptions.
The closing of the pharmacy leaves another vacant store in the village. It’s located next to the Bank of America, whichclosed its doors on March 27, 2018.