Barbecue to nourish toddler's battle against disability

Landon exercises in his "neurosui." PHOTO BY GERI COREY

By Geri Corey
The mouthwatering aroma of smoky barbecue sauce is in the air. That’s because a delicious barbecue feast is planned for Sunday, May 19 at Long Lot Brewery in Chester, from 1-4 p.m.
Nourishing more than just the body, proceeds from this BBQ, called “Landon’s BBQ,” will aid 2-year-old Landon Schust in his journey to overcome physical disabilities brought on by a hemorrhagic stroke on the left side of his brain at three months old.
Attending the Neurological & Physical Abilitation Center in Boston, shortened to NAPA Center, from Feb. 18--March 8, Landon had three weeks of intensive therapy. The Schust family raised funds towards covering the $10,000 cost for the session by holding a successful Italian dinner in January. To continue his therapy, Landon is now scheduled for a second session, Sept. 9—26, 2019. Once again the family is reaching out for help to meet the $10,000 cost for this upcoming session.
Landon’s therapy was difficult and demanding, but he gave it his all. “He did amazing things, every day fighting through his muscle exhaustion. Sometimes he wanted to give up and he’d cry with exhaustion after four hours straight of exercises,” said his mom, Kendra, adding that he needed consoling. “But then he’d carry on, tackling the crushing exercises, crushing the goals set out for him.”
Kendra said he worked hard for the milestones set for him, and he has increased the strength on his right side, the area most affected by the stroke. His co-ordination and speech are improving, also.
Kendra found the atmosphere at the Center “welcoming and very, very comfortable.” She said, “They treat the children as their own, helping them work through their screaming or crying. The kids are in the best hands possible.” The program is designed for each individual child’s needs.
“We’re hoping to have a good turnout for Landon’s BBQ,” said Kendra, adding, “We’re grilling right there at Long Lot. The food is fresh - hot and ready- right from the grill.”
Landon’s barbecue
Long Lot Brewery, 153 Johnson Road, Chester, NY.
Sunday, May 19, from 1-4 p.m.
Tickets are $12 for adults/$8 for kids. To reserve tickets in advance, email