Director's position established for Sugar Loaf Performing Arts Center
The Chester town board created a $47,000 position to head up its newly acquired performing arts center. The board intends to hire a Chester resident and is now interviewing interested applicants.

Walter Popailo at the April 10 town board meeting, where he was interviewed for the position of director of the Sugar Loaf Performing Arts Center. (Photo by Frances Ruth Harris)

By Frances Ruth Harris
Chester. The Town of Chester last week established the position of director for its newly acquired Sugar Loaf Performing Arts Center.
The full-time position will pay $47,000. The director will serve as a general manager, overseeing all operations at the center.
The town board interviewed one interested applicant, Walter Popailo, the town's former recreation director, during an executive session at its April 10 meeting. The board also plans to interview Lori Streichert, the current recreation director, who has also expressed interest in the job. She was appointed to her current job on Aug. 8, 2018.
The performing arts center director is a Civil Service position that must be filled through the Orange County Department of Human Resources. A list of 14 people who took the Civil Service exam for recreation director lists Streichert as sixth on the list, with a score of 75, and Popailo as 13th on the list, with a score of 70.
The town board is looking for a Chester resident, and both Streichert and Popailo live in town.
The top scorers on the Civil Service exam are Laura Keiby, who received a score of 90; Joy Logan, Ronald Wilson, and Aaron Falk, who received a score of 85; and Kevin Marion, who received a score of 80.
The list was established on Jan. 24, 2017, and expires on Jan. 23, 2021. A new list will start when the current one expires.
Popailo was appointed the town's recreation director on Jan. 27, 2017, but was dismissed three months later. He had actually been on the job for much longer. He was hired as recreation director in June 2014 and worked in the position for two and a half years before taking the exam.
The town board at the time declined to state the reason for Popailo's dismissal. Board members said only that Popailo was still a probationary employee and that they decided not to make him permanent.
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