St. Patrick's Parade was fliuch but fun

Girl Scout cookies anyone? Pictured are Avery Rogowski, age 4, Makenna McGoldrick, age 5, Emily Tyminski, age 5, and Julia Conturi, age 5

GOSHEN — The Irish have many words for rain. There's lashing rain and spitting rain, pelting rain and pissing rain, lady's rain and shocking rain, torrential rain and bucketing rain, dry rain that doesn't get you wet and "heavens opened" rain which most certainly does.
What kind of rain did Sunday bring to the Mid-Hudson St. Patrick's Parade in Goshen? Perhaps a new term is needed — how about spitting-lashing-icy-snowy-New-York-in-March rain?
Whatever you call it, the weather kept many people home. Only about one-quarter to a third of the floats and marching units that planned to come did. It was over in little more than an hour.
John Greehy of Cornwall, President of the Orange County AOH and master of ceremonies, observed from the reviewing stand that this year's parade was the worst he'd seen.
But for those plucky diehards who sallied forth, it was a great time. The Irish wolfhounds seemed delighted. The children's faces were alight with joy. The sounds of bagpies and the beautiful greens of hats and sweaters cut through the gloom. Singer Kathleen Lord of Campbell Hall opened the parade with "Danny Boy" and closed it with "When Irish Eyes are Smiling."
Take a look at the photos of these brave Irish and Irish-for-a-day souls making their way through the village.
When the going gets tough, the tough get marching!
Photos by Ed Bailey.