Dreaming about a supermarket in Goshen

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The following comments were posted on The Chronicle's Facebook page under the recent story "Owner proposes brand-new Goshen Plaza, including a supermarket."

Shelia Biggane Keenan: Believe when we see it

Ken Colomba: This would be a great location for Trader Joe's!!

Jim Booth: It won't be a Trader Joe's. It says in the article it is a supermarket already trading in the area. I would say probably a Hannaford, Stop and Shop, or Price Chopper.

Anthony N. Musi: Exactly what I was thinking as I read it. It could be a Shoprite as well but probably not since they have one in Chester already (never know though). I'm hoping for a Price Chopper!

Jim Booth: Yeah, likely not a Shop Rite since Chester is so close. But, I could see Price Chopper coming in. I would be happy with anything. I work in Goshen and live in Westtown. There is nothing between the two if I want to pick up some groceries on the way home.

Catalina Magnus Gooden: I like Price Chopper

Alexis Eggleton: Hannaford makes small models — like Pine Bush.

Christine Koenig: I completely agree, we need at Trader Joe’s.

Stephen Gooss: Finally!! (Hope it really happens!) ;)

Peadar Mac Aindriu: I'll believe it when I see it

Peter Dee: I’m not holding my breath.

Kim Armistead: I have heard from several different sources it’s Hannaford.

Grace Giulini: Where did you hear this?

Sarah Hadden: I’ve heard this as well. Disappointed with so many of those around. Was hoping to have a store that has potential to bring in people from surrounding areas. 

Angeline Heyward: Thank goodness

Becky Cass DenDanto: This is great news! Thank you for the article Erika Norton!

Tracey Paradise Tegeler: What kind of supermarket? Hopefully nothing too outrageous with prices! A Shoprite would be great!

Nancy Sadler: “Land a Goshen!” Like my old Arkansas Granny was fond of saying.

Melissa Abraham: Very nice. Where’s the diner in this plan?

Sharon Harnett: Oh yes please

Samuel Bergsohn: Whooooo!!! 

Angela Koval: oh please let this be true!

Sarah Kate: Will there be a laundromat in Goshen after this?

Dan Noonan: What? No amusement park?

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