Goshen’s real estate bargain

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To the Editor:

Without growth, there's isolation — stagnation. Business can't stop progress, nor the negative ramifications. Such that the valley hamlet of Goshen, N.Y., is expected to be satisfied with an attraction by the highway that would, indubitably, change the town's character.

If not there should be a town law more specifically against facilities of any kind conflicting with, or exploiting, the Trotter Horse Museum, and town's reflecting the down-home character of earlier centuries' cities. Because the current law was stretched thin. Threatened, or not, by plasticized America. Goshen's hardly the place for memorializing that hallmarked fate. And who doesn't like Legos? Go Lincoln Logs. But this real estate bargain is a seriously farcical tragedy.

Bustling plasticized Goshen's cha-ching ring's unappealing to many residents as against the notion of what it means to be Goshen. Find another town’s spot, and maybe a possibly more tranquil Goshen will want your donation of a Lego Trotting Horse statue for a nice, kind, remembrance of the occasion. Legos deserve a museum, without a scar.

Charles M. Fraser

Astoria, N.Y.

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