What motivates most when it comes to workouts?
Talking about goals, donning exercise gear, and playing the right music are prime factors

By Tyler Schmall
Struggling to exercise? When it comes to working out, dressing for success really does work, according to gym lovers.
A new study of 2,000 regular gym-goers conducted by Barbell Apparel found seven in ten (69 percent) say simply getting into your workout gear is the real key to motivation.
In fact, the "fake it to make it" theory may also prove true — nearly nine out of ten gym-goers (88 percent) agreed that the simple act of putting on their gym clothes provides the biggest surge of motivation.
But it's not just dressing for success that leads to gym glory, according to the study of workout motivations. Talking the talk really can help you walk the walk, apparently.
Those that need help getting to the gym for that summer bod, weight loss goal or other aims should simply try talking about going to the gym, according to exercise enthusiasts:
33 percent of survey respondents said just talking to others about going to the gym helped them hold themselves to it later.
34 percent have stayed motivated by taking a class at their gym, and 11 percent said having a crush on a fellow gym member was enough to get them through the door.
Music was also a big factor, as 39 percent reported that listening to a psych-up playlist gets them in the right frame of mind to go to the gym.
Over half of American gym-goers (58 percent) believe that listening to music during your workout is vital.